Fair Winds Program

The Fair Winds Program provides a Virtual Development Coach to ensure implementation and management of a successful fundraising program for 12 months. You'll receive all the benefits of The Anchor, plus more. This program is ideal for a ministry operating without a full time Development Director and a desire to build capacity for future expansion. 


If you can answer yes to any of these questions, help is here! 


Director Wearing Too Many Hats? 


Director Resigned?

Problem With 

Donor Retention?


Donor Care?

Messaging Creating Donor Confusion? 

No Time To Research &

Write Grants? 

No Capacity To Build A Major Donor Program? 

Weak Fundraising 


  • Funding Plan Development: Identify any gaps, opportunities, and strengths to guide creation of comprehensive funding plan with SMART goals and supporting Case for Support document.


  • Relationship Cultivation: Strategize ways to deepen engagement with current donors and to reach more potential donors. This will include plans and accountability for donor care.


  • Fundraising & Marketing Planning: Create annual funding and marketing plans to achieve established fundraising goals, maintaining a focus on strategies that are most financially rewarding and most likely to lead to increased philanthropic relationships. 


  • Material Feedback: Review all current communications to provide recommendations for mediums including newsletters, emails, website. All in order to increase opportunity for meaningful engagement.


  • Internal Messaging: Support communication of fund development, marketing and public relations goals, strategies, and progress to board, staff, and committees to encourage “buy-in” at all levels of the organization. 


  • Grant Writing Guidance: Facilitate the writing of a foundational grant proposal to equip leader to reuse for future proposals with minor adjustments. Flagship will provide input on writing and in-depth feedback.


  • Grant Writing Research: Utilizing Flagship subscriptions to various databases, we will find 3-5 qualified leads for ministry staff to follow up on.

  • Content Development: Flagship will write story-driven content for the following:  Two Monthly Emails, Quarterly Newsletters (email and direct mail), Mid-year Impact Report, Annual Impact Report, Specific Appeals (email and direct mail). 

  • Additional services can be included through Flagship partners: Google Grant and Ad Word Management, Social Media, Website Design, Videography/Photography, Graphic Design and more. 

The cost for this program varies. The first step is an assessment, followed by a conversation, then proposal. 

Flagship Equip partnered with Justice Ventures International in June of 2018 to design and implement a fundraising strategy to increase revenue by 126% in three years ($750k to $1.7million).


The plan includes:

  • Strengthen partner communication and care through meaningful conversations

  • Monthly partner program development and roll-out

  • Major gift program enhancement and growth

  • Develop and execute new messaging and marketing strategy

  • Monthly good news reports with emphasis on storytelling 

  • and more

"Emily Fitchpatrick brings a creative, proactive and entrepreneurial approach to her work. She is very good at generating new development ideas and communicating with and caring for our donors. She has played an important role in increasing our fundraising capacity."

- Jeff Pankratz, President & CEO


Flagship Equip partnered with Ground Zero in November of 2019 to design and implement a fundraising strategy to increase revenue by 34% in one year ($490k to $661k). 


The plan includes:

  • Strengthen partner communication and care through meaningful conversations

  • Monthly partner letters with emphasis on storytelling

  • Major gift program development and solicitation

  • Corporate sponsorship package development and solicitation

  • Management of marketing efforts

  • Increase Board engagement in fundraising 

  • and more

"We began working with Flagship in November of 2019 to receive assistance with our annual year-end campaign. We developed a great working relationship and made the decision to bring them on board in a greater capacity for 2020. We had no clue what was coming our way when we launched into developing new fundraising goals for the year. The pandemic came in like a wrecking ball, cancelling our biggest fundraising event of the year and putting a damper on many of our plans. Thankfully the Flagship team has been there each step of the way to develop and execute alternative plans while staying flexible to the current economy. They created an emergency fundraising campaign to help us get through a tough time. In addition, they have greatly helped us make donor care and communication a top priority. We are thankful for Flagship, the expertise they bring and their ability to creatively pivot in this changing environment. I recommend Flagship to any ministry seeking to strengthen and grow their fundraising and development program."


- Scott Payseur, President

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Flagship Equip partnered with Narrow Gate in November of 2019 to design and implement a messaging strategy. Upon completion of this project, we partnered to develop and implement a fundraising strategy raise $450k for new initiatives. 


The plan includes:

  • Strengthen partner communication and care through meaningful conversations

  • Identify and cultivate relationships with new partners 

  • Major gift program development and solicitation

  • Management of marketing efforts

"As 2019 has unfolded, I have become keenly aware of the Holy Spirit's interactions and one example is Emily Fitchpatrick. At Narrow Gate, we engaged with Flagship to make sure our ministry messaging matched our Vision, Mission, and Strategy. At first I thought this would be an okay exercise, but the Holy Spirit wanted me to have total clarity about the unique ministry God has given us. To date, we believe it is the best messaging on the Why, the How, and the What of Narrow Gate!"

- Bill Lohnes, Founder

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Fair Winds Clients 

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