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A Powerful Fundraising Tool

Updated: May 21, 2021

Logic models are all about relationships!

A logic model is a graphic depiction that clearly defines the relationships between resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes. From start to finish, it shows how you can take what you have and convert that into impact. You can take inventory of your resources to know what you still need. You can evaluate the work at each checkpoint of your logic model. You can reach your goals more effectively. To summarize - it's a picture of how you believe your program will work! Click here for an example from client: Child Evangelism Fellowship The logic model does more than simply coordinate the different facets of your programs though. It can actually deepen your relationships outside your organization. You read that right... logic models can support relationships with donors, foundations, and volunteers. But how? 1. Invites people into the inside This tool clearly defines the work your organization is doing and what you hope to accomplish through the work. It shows people on the outside where you are headed on the inside and how you hope to get there. It gives them the chance to see where they fit into your mission as a volunteer or supporter.

2. Prioritizes accountability Having a logic model shows the thoughtfulness put into the planning of your programs. It shows that you aren't haphazardly using your resources, but that you have a plan logically laid out. This allows you to hold your organization accountable to the work you set out to do. Logic models show that you are good stewards of what is given to you which is important for givers and grantors.

3. Preserves your energy When you are healthy and steady, you can do your work more efficiently. You can filter your tasks through the logic model to prioritize what is most relevant and urgent. When you can work smarter, capacity opens up for you to genuinely connect with the partners that are working with you to build the bridge to the other side of your cause.

We hope this technical tool will not only improve your programming, but also enhance your connections.

Quick Clarification!

Output vs. Outcome

These two steps in the logic model often trip folks up, so let us clarify.

Outputs are the tangibles that occur through the program while outcomes are the changes you hope to see because of your program.

Outputs lead to the intended outcomes.

Here's an example… Let’s say your organization is leading a workshop to train community members about how they can support foster families.

Outputs could be: 35 people attended, 90 minutes of in-depth workshop.

Outcomes could be: community is equipped with avenues they can easily show up for foster families, people understand the unique needs of foster families, 10 people sign up to become volunteer foster family support systems.

Taylor Johnson

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Flagship Equip

Client Spotlight

Flagship has had the pleasure of working with PRC Walton on two special occasions. Our first engagement was helping with their 2020 year-end fundraising campaign. They exceeded their goal of $50,000 for operational support. Carol, the Executive Director, called us again a few months ago to help with their annual gala and celebration of 25 years of ministry.

We presented the idea to turn this one-night event into a full week of fundraising, awareness building and prayer. We called it SPEAK LIFE Week. The week was filled with community, storytelling, and generosity to celebrate turning the page to the next chapter! The big goal was to fund a new mobile medical unit.

God blessed our work with favor!

From Carol...

"God is so faithful and there is much to be celebrated. We did hit our $50,000.00 goal for the down payment on the mobile medical unit and received a matching grant for $50,000. The total raised was $119,843.58. This is the most we have EVER raised at a GALA! We had our 3 highest gifts in the history of our 25-year ministry! SPEAK LIFE was a HUGE success. Emily and Taylor helped us think outside the box to come up with creative ways to celebrate 25 years of serving women facing unexpected pregnancies in our community. We are thankful for the extra attention to detail to make sure every letter, email and graphic perfectly reflected the work God does through our ministry. They were cheering us on every step of the way making sure we didn’t need any additional support. The Flagship team beautifully reflects our Lord in every aspect of the work they do as they craft a campaign specific to your fundraising needs. THEY ARE FAMILY!"

What is God stirring in your heart?

We'd love to learn more about your ministry, what you are dreaming about and walk with you to bring your God-given vision to life!


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