Fundraising Solutions


Anchor Program

In the windy world of fundraising, we want to provide you with an anchor.

To become steady. To gain clarity. To build confidence. To stay focused.

The Anchor provides a 10-week highly structured coaching course combined with practical resources, mentorship, and community with a Crew of ministry leaders. Our process will simplify fundraising so you can advocate for your ministry and deepen relationships with stakeholders like never before. 


Fair Winds Program

Sometimes you just can't get it all done. 

You need someone to jump in the boat with you! 

The Fair Winds Program provides a Virtual Development Coach to ensure implementation and management of a successful fundraising program for 12 months. You'll receive all the benefits of The Anchor, plus more. This program is ideal for a ministry operating without a full time Development Director and a desire to build capacity for future expansion. 


Elevate Year End

We want to help you ELEVATE year-end fundraising with the special talents of your friends at Flagship Equip and Highest Good Media.

With our tools and expertise, your ministry’s stories can reach new heights and new hearts.

In 2020, of all years, we helped generate over $800,000 in kingdom giving for 11 incredible ministries!


Let us take care of language, design, and management of your campaign so you can spend your year-end making meaningful, important connections with your champions. We will free up your time so you can wear your other important hats with excellence as you close out your year.


Our wish for you is to be refreshed and replenished for 2022!