Fundraising Solutions

Anchor Program

In the windy world of fundraising, we want to provide you an anchor. 

To stay focused. To become steady.

The Anchor Program was designed with you in mind! Through this four-month relationship, it is our hope that you will walk away with tools and processes that take the heavy lifting out of your fundraising efforts. We hope to simplify this work so you can advocate for your ministry and deepen relationships with stakeholders, while focusing on the many other important roles of being a ministry leader.

Fair Winds Program

Sometimes you just can't get it all done. 

You need someone to jump in the boat with you! 

The Fair Winds Program provides a Virtual Development Coach to ensure implementation and management of a successful fundraising program for 12 months. You'll receive all the benefits of The Anchor, plus more. This program is ideal for a ministry operating without a full time Development Director and a desire to build capacity for future expansion. 

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