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Elevating Generosity for Kingdom Purpose   

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Our Big Goal

To facilitate $50 million in gifts through 5 pillars of Kingdom Builders: Nonprofits, Churches, Foundations, Corporations and Individuals.


Janet Johnson, State Director at Child Evangelism Fellowship of West Texas

Flagship's Fundraising Academy was so helpful to our staff and volunteer leaders who participated in many ways! We learned how to approach fundraising as a ministry to our donors who are the heroes of our outreach to children. The tools they offer to be more organized and thoughtful about fundraising were a tremendous help! I especially appreciate that Flagship is faith-based and shares our ministry's worldview. I highly recommend Flagship Equip as an excellent resource and "coach" in the area of fundraising for your nonprofit.


Sara Beth Fentress, Founder & ED

127 Worldwide

I have loved my time being coached by Flagship! Emily and Taylor are not only co-laborers in Kingdom work, but I now consider them great friends! They both listened to my desires and goals, and they joined right in where I needed their expertise the most. They are both down to earth, super relatable, and available. They exceeded my expectations for what a consulting relationship could be! I highly recommend you give them an opportunity to take your fundraising efforts to the next level.


Jeff Pankratz, CEO

Justice Ventures International

I've worked with Emily Fitchpatrick since 2018. She brings a creative, proactive and entrepreneurial approach to her work. She is very good at generating new development ideas and communicating with and caring for our donors. She has played an important role in increasing our fundraising capacity.

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“Fundraising is as spiritual as giving a sermon, entering a time of prayer, visiting the sick, or feeding the hungry. Fundraising is precisely the opposite of begging. When we seek to raise funds we are not saying, ‘please, could you help us out because it’s been rather hard’, instead, we are proclaiming what we believe in such a way that we offer other people an opportunity to participate with us in our vision and mission. We must not let ourselves be tricked into thinking that fundraising is only a secular activity.”
- Father Henri Nouwen
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