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Ministry Center Journey Unveiled - A Capital Campaign Success Story

In the heart of a diverse community, a Christ-centered nonprofit with a passion for reaching international families embarked on a  journey to establish a new Ministry Center.


Focused on creating a welcoming space for families from around the world, the organization contracted with Flagship to launch a capital campaign to bring their vision to life. During the engagement they inspired the community through heartfelt storytelling, emphasizing the transformative impact the center would have on international families. The campaign gained momentum as local businesses, passionate individuals, and even a generous foundation joined forces. A significant matching grant opportunity further fueled enthusiasm, doubling the impact of every donation. 


As the campaign progressed, the team leveraged social media, community events, and personalized major donor appeals to maintain momentum. Regular updates kept donors informed, showcasing the progress and sharing stories of impact. The capital campaign not only achieved its fundraising target, but the ministry maintained it's regular program expenses along the way.


Within two years the Ministry Center emerged as a vibrant haven for international families, offering a range of services from language assistance to arts and youth programs. Most imporantly, internationals from over 100 countries who reside in the area are hearing the hope of the Gospel and experiencing the love of Christ. 


As you dream about the possibilities for the upcoming year, we're here to support and propel your vision forward. Let's collaborate to bring your aspirations to life. 


Cheering you on!

Capital Campaign - New Ministry Center


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