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Capital Campaigns

Launching a capital campaign is a strategic fundraising initiative undertaken by nonprofits to raise a
significant amount of money for a specific, often one-time, project. Capital campaigns typically aim to
fund major capital projects or investments that go beyond the day-to-day operating expenses of the

Here are several reasons why a nonprofit might decide to launch a capital campaign:

Facility Expansion or Renovation: Capital campaigns are often used to raise funds for the construction, expansion, or renovation of facilities. This could include building a new community center, expanding a hospital, or renovating a cultural institution.

Technology Upgrades: Nonprofits may launch capital campaigns to invest in new technology or upgrade existing systems. This could involve acquiring new software, updating hardware, or implementing advanced
infrastructure to enhance operational efficiency.


Equipment Purchase: Funding the purchase of specialized equipment or machinery may necessitate a capital campaign.This is common in fields such as healthcare, research, or education where specialized tools are


Endowment Building: Establishing or strengthening an endowment fund is a common goal of capital campaigns. An endowment provides long-term financial stability for an organization by generating income that can
be used to support ongoing operations or specific programs.


Land Acquisition: Nonprofits looking to acquire land for a new facility, conservation, or community project might launch a capital campaign to fund the purchase.


Debt Reduction: If a nonprofit has accumulated debt, a capital campaign can be used to retire existing liabilities,
freeing up financial resources for other purposes.


Program Expansion: Funding the expansion of existing programs or the creation of new initiatives may require a
significant influx of capital. This could include launching new educational programs, outreach efforts,
or community services.


Matching Grant Opportunities: Some capital campaigns are launched in response to matching grant opportunities from foundations or major donors. These campaigns leverage the matching funds to encourage broader community


Major Organizational Initiatives: Capital campaigns can support major organizational initiatives, such as rebranding efforts, the celebration of milestones, or the implementation of strategic plans.


Launching a capital campaign requires careful planning, a clear case for support, and effective
communication with potential donors. It's a focused effort to secure the necessary financial resources
for a specific, often transformative, project or initiative that aligns with the nonprofit's mission and


At Flagship we provide:

  • Feasibility Study

  • Comprehensive Campaign Plan with Milestones

  • Case for Support Development

  • Message Testing

  • Establishing Financial Goals and Gift Levels

  • Identifying Concerns from Stakeholders

  • Communications and Marketing Strategy

  • Segmenting the Donor Base for Tailored Asks

  • Monitor Campaign Performance Against Goals

  • Reporting and Celebrating Success

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