Elevate Year-End Fundrasing

Statistics indicate 30% of all annual charitable giving happens in December and 10% the last three days of the year.

We want to help you ELEVATE year-end fundraising with the special talents of your friends at Flagship Equip and Highest Good Media.

With our tools and expertise, your ministry’s stories can reach new heights and new hearts. In 2020, of all years, we helped generate over $800,000 in kingdom giving for 11 incredible ministries! Our wish for you is to be refreshed and replenished for 2022!

We craft powerful language, eye-catching designs, and we can even manage your email communication. We free you up to spend the end of 2021 making meaningful, important connections with your champions.


“I have never felt so refreshed at the end of the year and I've never raised as much money at the end of the year than I did with Flagship!” -Elizabeth Coldren, Grace Place School

"I am beyond words thankful to our heavenly Father who abundantly provided for our year end campaign. We exceeded the $67,000 mark! Normally we raise about $32,000. Knowing the Flagship team and their heart for the Lord made it easy to invest in the year end package. God more than honored that investment."

- Carol Fairman, PRC Walton

"We have benefited tremendously from Flagship's resource mobilization and marketing skills. They are hard working, strategic and very creative. Flagship is an asset to anyone who partners with them. We exceeded our $50,000 goal for our Woman By God's Design campaign!"

- Dr. Ravi Jayakaran, CEO, Medical Ambassadors Internatonal


We hope to serve you in the months ahead, however, should you decide to do it yourself we still want to be a blessing! Here's a free toolkit to help you get started.