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Grant Writing Assistance

Hi friends,

Will you be searching for grants in the new year? If you need assistance we can help! We've expanded our services to include grant research and writing. We have capacity to welcome 5 new clients in 2024. Services include:

  • Research and Identification: Conducting comprehensive research to identify potential grant opportunities that align with your mission and goals.

  • Proposal Development: Crafting compelling and well-researched grant proposals, including all required components such as project narratives, budgets, and supporting documentation.

  • Submission and Follow-up: Ensuring timely submission of grant proposals and providing follow-up support, including responding to any additional information requests from the grantmaker.

  • Collaboration and Communication: Maintaining open and effective communication with grantmaker throughout the grant writing process, including regular updates and feedback sessions.

The cost for this monthly service is $2,000 per month and includes 30 qualified proposals sent per quarter, with a one year contract. Please reach out to discuss if interested.

Emily Reed, Founder


Client Spotlight: 4G3

Introducing Wahid and Laila Wahba, founders of 4G3: For the Global Glory of God. Their mission is to embolden displaced and persecuted Christians in the Middle East and beyond to stand firm in their faith. They provide 18-month Discipleship Insititutes ifor Christians who have little access to spiritual development resources. It's been a joy to see their ministry grow and the testimonies have been so encouraging.

We have been working with 4G3 for two years. Our services have included grant writing, communications, and major gift fundraising. 4G3 has doubled in revenue and life impact with the support from Flagship and other contractors who are working together to elevate generosity for Kingdom expansion.

46 new graduates from the 4G3 Discipleship Institute in Egypt this month


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