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The profiles below include our partners who are seeking grant funding for various projects.

We welcome the opportunity to share more or make a connection.

Here's what you can anticipate from a Flagship partner:

  • Our partners are 501(c)(3) faith-based entities, thoroughly vetted to be grants ready, equipped with necessary documentation, organizational structures, and capacity for successful grant application and management.

  • Each partner presents project proposals featuring anticipated life impact, metrics, and detailed project budgets.

  • Demonstrating measurable outcomes is a core strength of every partner.

  • Every partner boasts a diversified funding portfolio and places a high priority on achieving long-term sustainability.

  • Collaboration is a key focus, as all partners actively engage with local organizations.

  • All partners receive coaching from Flagship on nonprofit best practices, ensuring continuous improvement.

  • Last but not least, each partner is led by servant leaders characterized by vision, compassion, and a sincere commitment to being obedient to God's will, way, and timing.

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