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5 Things We Can Learn About Fundraising From Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

At Flagship Equip we are passionate about ensuring you have the financial resources needed to fully fund your God given vision.

Today, in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we are sharing 5 things we can learn about fundraising from Dr. King! 

1. Be persistent. Dr. King was persistent to inspire others and you should be as well when it comes to providing your donors with fuel to fan their flames of engagement. Be persistent in your storytelling.  2. Do more.  No matter how much Dr. King achieved, he always aimed to do more. There are always more ways we can show our donors love and appreciation. The six most important words in fundraising: thank you, thank you, thank you! You will never out thank your donor. 

3. Keep the end goal in mind.  Dr. King faced many tough challenges, but he never let that distract him from his goals and his unwavering message. Remember, fundraising is a marathon not a sprint. Slow and steady wins the race. 

4. Seek out uncharted territory.  As a leader and visionary, Dr. King was not afraid to seek out uncharted territories in civil rights. As a fundraiser, don't be afraid to try new strategies! You will always benefit from the journey and lessons learned along the way. 

5. Be straightforward in your message.  Dr. King presented his communication in a straightforward, compelling manner. Your ministry marketing should be clear, concise and compelling

Dr. King was a pioneer of change. We can all learn from his tenacity. 

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