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Benefits of Outsourcing

Written by Chad Bruneski, President/CEO, The Great Commission Foundation

I’m facing this question right now in my organization. I have an area of need. It’s not within the core functions of what we do as an organization. Now, do I try and hire people with the expertise to solve the issues I have or do I find someone who is already providing that expertise to others?

There’s the part of me that feels like I can control things better if I keep it in-house. I feel like they’ll understand our culture and needs better if they’re part of our core team. However, there are so many benefits to finding a partner who can collaborate, understand the core values and needs of my organization, but work outside of our core and bring healthy experience and perspective that I don’t have now.

Here are some of the benefits I see in outsourcing my needs to a collaborative partner…

Savings – Collaboration means a sharing of overhead costs across a large scope of activity that reduces costs and creates numerous efficiencies.

Quality – Having a team focused on specific areas of operations, with regular training and development, ensures a concentrated emphasis on quality and effectiveness.

Time – Just the benefit of saving time on hiring, training, developing, and learning curves are significant reasons to engage a qualified, expert team to take tasks off of your hands.

Consistency – Regardless of personnel changes within your organization, you can rely on your outsourced team to continue to deliver timely and consistent results.

Access to Expertise – Shared experiences are a valuable tool. When a team is outsourced to provide specific skills and tasks to an organization, there are several areas of learning developed from solving familiar problems in similar circumstances.

Focus – When you can trust a team to deliver on an area of need in your organization, it enables increased focus on delivering the vision and mission of the organization.

What has your experience been with outsourcing? I'd love to hear from you!

Chad Bruneski is President/CEO of The Great Commission Foundation. They are a collaborative partner in providing low cost, high value service in accounting/bookkeeping, donations processing/receipting and IRS/CRA Compliance. They delight in serving your ministry as you fulfill your God-called mission and vision. Learn more here.


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