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Building Relationships with Foundations

Many of us wonder how we can cultivate meaningful relationships with foundations. Maybe we are getting the hang of our relationships with individuals, but still have no clue how to deepen our connections with foundations. The good news is that many of the principles are the same!

Take a few minutes with us while Taylor chats with a friend of Flagship, Eric Müller, from DREAM Alive. In this short video (12 minutes), Eric shares the story of how he cultivated a relationship with a foundation through diligence, networking, and storytelling.

Eric Müller joined DREAM Alive’s staff as the Program Director in 2010 before growing into the Executive Director role. Under Eric’s leadership, DREAM Alive’s program has grown from idea to implementation, and has grown from serving 20 students per year, to serving over 400 students per year. Eric graduated from Taylor University, and is currently obtaining an MBA from Purdue University. Before he joined DREAM Alive, he served as a youth pastor in Indianapolis and a co-director for “City-Life,” a faith-based after-school program for at-risk youth. As Executive Director for DREAM Alive, he leads the development, management, and advancement of the organization.

Plan it. Fund it. Share it.

The Anchor Program is designed for you to plant and water the seeds around your growing fundraising efforts. We know it starts long before the ask and long after the gift is made. To have a healthy and sustainable giving program, it is crucial to be rooted in clear and focused plans. When your mission is defined, so is your success allowing donors to see the fruit of their gifts.

If your plan is the planting, consistent communication is the watering. With the strategies learned in the Anchor, you will become more confident in engaging your donors on deeper levels, including foundations. Your champions will begin to flourish, creating a ripple effect of raving fans!

While the Flagship team has extensive experience in fundraising, we have friends that excel in planning and sharing. We want our Anchor participants to have access to direct knowledge in those areas. Which is why we are pulling in Jeremy Turner from EPIC Mission, Phillip Holmes from Highest Good Media, and Tom Nolan with Growth Mission to fill in our gaps.

Not only do we want to connect you with our community of experts, we want to foster a community of ministry leaders to learn from and lean on one another. We will be calling each cohort a Crew in which you will have meaningful discussion, learn from each other’s victories and missteps, find and give encouragement, and pray together.


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