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CREATIVE Donor Connections During Pandemic

Hi Friends,

I read an encouraging survey this week from Fidelity Charitable. They conducted a survey of philanthropic individuals to see how they’re thinking about philanthropy in response to the pandemic and how the situation could affect their giving.

Here's a few key takeaways: 

  • 80% of donors are concerned about their favored nonprofits’ ability to operate

  • Most donors plan to maintain—or even increase—the amount they donate to charity this year. 

  • Donors are most concerned about the way that COVID-19 could impact the ability of health and human services related nonprofits to do their work, but concern is high for organizations in all charitable sectors.

  • Most donors do not plan to shift their giving to different organizations in light of the pandemic; they will stay the course by continuing to support their favorite nonprofits.

  • Many donors don’t feel that they have the information they need to effectively support efforts to combat COVID-19.

The bottom line...your donors want to hear from you! While in-person interactions with donors aren’t possible now with social distancing guidelines, it is possible to maintain and even build new meaningful connections with supporters and prospective donors…you just have to get creative!

Here's some examples from a few of our clients to give you ideas and inspiration as you "think outside the box" in the days and weeks ahead. 

Ground Zero, Myrtle Beach, SC

Problem: Annual Dragon Boat fundraising event postponed creating a loss of approximately $150,000 for Spring and Summer programs.


Justice Ventures International, Washington D.C.

Problem: Survivors of Human Trafficking served by JVI in Northern India had no access to food with lockdown.


Medical Ambassadors International, Salida, CA

Problem: Preventing future spread of disease in over 35 countries where they work


International Friendship Ministries, Columbus, GA

Problem: Spring Fundraiser Luncheon Cancelled


If you're seeking to build and grow your fundraising and development program, we'd be delighted to have a discussion about our Fair Winds Program.


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