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Donor upgrades...what's in it for them?

Some of you may be reluctant to ask your donors to consider an upgrade because you worry it may come across as gimmicky. However, upgrading isn’t a “sales technique”– it’s about building stronger relationships with the champions of your ministry. Really.

Here’s the good news: upgrading is a lot easier than you think it is. You’ve already succeeded by inviting them to give in the first place. You’ve shared good news with them. You’ve expressed appreciation. The biggest obstacle is already behind you.

What now?

For those donors that have been giving 12+ months (and you’ve never asked them to consider an upgrade) now is the time! Take that step of faith to have an intentional conversation. Give them the opportunity to become even more invested in a ministry they already care about.

But how?

It starts by asking yourself one question…

What’s in it for them? In other words, what will the donor gain from giving your ministry an additional 10%,15%, 25% or more this year? You know what your organization will gain. It may mean a new building, program expansion or payroll for a new hire. Those are all very important to you and your ministry, but it’s more important to describe how the extra contribution to the ministry impacts the donor. For example, when you go to buy a new car do you want to hear how your purchase improves the bottom line for the dealership or what the salesman will do with their bonus? No…. you want to hear how the car will keep you and your family safe, provide a better gas mileage, warranty coverage, etc. In this same way, donors want to know how their contribution affects them. Donors give to solve problems. The value you create for the donor is the solution you bring to the problem they care about. Before you begin asking for upgrades, consider the value you will create for your donor with their increased support.

Value attracts money. Money creates capacity. Capacity creates more value. As a result, the Kingdom of God advances!


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