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HELP! My board won't fundraise.

I have heard this more times than I can count. When board members don’t engage in fundraising it can be super frustrating to an Executive Director.  It adds additional pressure, makes them feel alone, contributes to burnout and sometimes even builds resentment.  

Trust me, I have been there!

If you are an Executive Director with this problem, here is what you SHOULDN’T do…

1. Complain “Do everything without grumbling or arguing…” – Phil. 2:14 When you complain about a board member (s) to another staff it may feel good for a moment to get it off your chest, however, it’s opening the door for division.

2. Stress I know what it’s like to be an Executive Director and feel as though you are carrying the weight of the finances alone. I have spent many nights awake in bed stressing over payroll, grants, keeping donors happy, etc.  Allowing your mind to linger in scarcity only drains your cognitive resources and steals your joy.

If you are an Executive Director with this problem, here is what you SHOULD do…

1. Train I’ve had the privilege of coaching hundreds of ministry leaders in fundraising and a large majority have expressed a sense of fear. Fundraising can make people feel anxious, insecure and even embarrassed. Perhaps your board members are feeling the same. The best thing you can do for them is provide training.

One book I recommend is A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen. Purchase a copy for each of your board members and set aside time to discuss. It’s the perfect tool to gain a better understanding about God’s purpose for fundraising. One of my favorite quotes from the book: “Fundraising is precisely the opposite of begging. Rather, you should think, I have a vision that is amazing and exciting. I am inviting people to invest in my mission through the resources that God has given them – their energy, prayers, and money, in this work that God has called us to do.”

2. Share Board members should feel very comfortable discussing the organization within their sphere of influence. As an Executive Director, it’s your job to share the elevator pitch, program effectiveness, current needs and future growth strategies with the board. As they become more knowledgeable about the organization, they become more comfortable talking about it.

One way to do this is by creating a case for support. It can also be called a ministry overview. This document serves as an excellent introduction to your organization and the problem you are solving. It should be clear, concise, compelling and have a strong call to action for support. It’s everything a board member needs at their fingertips! Take a peek at a dynamic example from a ministry I coached last year called Care for Pastors. DOWNLOAD HERE

Do you need fundraising training? 

Flagship Fundraising Academy - Fall 2019 

If you are an Executive Director, Board Member or other Faith-Based Nonprofit Leader with a desire to become a more effective and equipped fundraiser, consider Flagship Fundraising Academy this Fall!  We have secured dynamic instructors who are excited to work with you! Secure your spot for only $99.


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