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Meet Taylor Johnson

Director of Strategic Partnerships

I feel so fortunate that ministry leaders have invited me into their community. It is an honor to be trusted to advocate for their cause and empower them to elevate generosity.

By the time I got to college I knew I wanted my work to be mixed in with what I was passionate about. Sometimes I wondered why it seemed like classmates and peers felt so deeply and directly connected to one cause, one population, and one solution.

Whereas I felt deeply connected to all people and all causes though I knew I couldn’t work for a nonprofit that served all people and all causes. Of course, this wouldn’t be a sustainable mission. As someone dedicated to spending time in God’s presence and in serving my neighbors, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was missing something.

What was my purpose?

In 2015, I entered what I now call my “sowing season.” I started working for a university that shaped me and got to advocate for brilliant students as a Development Officer. Though I knew it was not exactly where I wanted to stay, the skills and opportunities I had I knew were exactly what I needed at that time. God gently reminded me that in due time I will reap the benefits from those skills and opportunities to use for the Kingdom.

At Flagship, I now see the space God was making in my heart to have incredible passion for whatever the need was right in front of me. I have the space to jump two feet into your passion, your cause, your calling.

I respect the call God has given to your ministry. I admire your commitment to those you serve. Through Flagship, I hope to help you fill in any gaps in your fundraising efforts to create a launching pad for your vision.

I look forward to partnering with you.



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