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Pilgrimage to Italy May 12-18, 2024

Walk in the footsteps of the St. Paul and other spiritual leaders of the Christian faith on this unique pilgrimage. We’ve created an itinerary that will help you explore the roots of your faith, stand in the very places where events from Scripture occurred, and probe side-by-side with fellow Christ-followers.

The idea of a pilgrimage has an incredibly strong foundation in both the Old and New Testaments. The spiritual importance of pilgrimage is manifested often in physical journeys — from Abraham’s journey of faith all the way to the missionary journeys of St. Paul.

Join Flagship and Functional Christianity on May 12 -18, 2024 to see Rome, Subiaco, Viterbo, Civita di Bagnoregio & Montefiascone. As we experience the sights and sounds, Dr. Gary Layne will lead us through a variety of biblical discussions, small group sharing, and times of personal worship and reflection.

Please note, there are only 26 spots available through a combination of single and double rooms. Reservation and other details listed below.

Trip Leader: Dr. Gary Layne

Gary Layne has almost 30 years’ experience of teaching the Bible. He has been on two church staffs serving as the education pastor and eight years as a director at Grace Ministries International. Gary has a wealth of experience in ministry and the business community. Currently he is a Founder of Functional Christianity.

Gary provides intensive counseling for leaders, families and individuals as well as presents conferences and training seminars. He travels around the world bringing God’s Love and Grace to church leaders, missionaries, and lay people. Gary brings a fresh, application filled teaching style that many people find easy to understand. You will be blessed by his friendly, conversational style of leading others into an encounter with God. Gary is a licensed minister with advanced discipleship counselor training from Grace Ministries International. He recently was honored by receiving a Doctorate Causa from St. Trevilius College in Sofia, Bulgaria. Gary lives in Atlanta, Georgia, is married with 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren.


May 12, 2024: Arrive at Fiumicino Airport and relax as you enjoy your private transfer to your accommodation. A welcome dinner will be provided.

May 13, 2024: Discover the Vatican City State and the amazing Pantheon

Vatican City is an ecclesiastical treasure house, well worth a multi-day tour - but our superlative guides can condense a 2000-year journey of faith, power and artifacts into three fascinating hours. You’ll cover the most important Galleries and Courtyards inside the Vatican Museums. You’ll see the most famous statues, the achingly beautiful Laocoon Group and Apoxyomenos, and then on to the Gallery of Maps, 500-year-old tapestries, then on to the breathtaking Sistine Chapel, the masterpiece of the great Michelangelo. Finish with what defies description - St. Peter’s Basilica and its magnificent Square. And to complete this amazing itinerary we will visit another Roman wonder: The Temple of all the Gods. The Pantheon, built in 125 AD, is known for its circular structure preceded by a portico with Corinthian columns and surmounted by a spectacular dome made with concrete and tuff. At the top of the dome, there’s a hole that creates an amazing cone of light, which inevitably puts man in connection with the divine. A private shuttle, tour guide, and skip the line tickets are included.

May 14, 2024: Christian Rome Private Tour

Like the early Christians who traveled thousands of miles across the roman empire, you too will be part of this glorious journey, accompanied by an expert guide, The Flavian amphitheater, the epitome of Roman architecture with its gruesome past where hundredths of thousands of men lost their lives, sharing with you this incredible 2000 year uninterrupted history, as today the procession of the 14 stations of the cross is still held in Good Friday. The visit to the Mamertine prison Carcere Mamertino – the ancient Roman prison of St. Peter and Paul From this prison they started their journey to martyrdom: Peter towards the Circus of Nero, near the Vatican, and Paul towards the Aquae Salviae. In memory, a small altar has been placed in the Carcer to commemorate Peter (St. Peter). Lastly, we will visit the Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars, which is both shocking and fascinating at the same time. As they contain the bones and mummified remains of an estimated 4,000 individuals. The Capuchin order views the remains of former friars as a silent and poignant reminder of our mortality and the passage of life on our planet, rather than being a macabre spectacle. This is an 8-hour journey through the footsteps of Christianity. You will be guided through the following areas: the Colosseum, the Mamertine Prison, the Crypt of the Capuchins and St. Paul's Outside the walls. We will have lunch at a local trattoria. A private shuttle, tour guide, and skip the line tickets are included.

May 15, 2024: Discover enchanting Subiaco

Drive to Subiaco where in the 6th century Saint Benedict, disillusioned by a decadent Rome, retreated to a cave. Followers came, and eventually he built 12 monasteries of which two survive: Santa Scolastica, named for his sister, and San Benedetto - two churches suspended over a deep gorge and incorporating the sacred cave. These are awesome, wondrous, ‘alive’ spaces with spectacular views. You will have free time to explore on your own and enjoy lunch in a local trattoria before departing for Rome. A private shuttle will be provided.

May 16, 2024: Discover amazing Viterbo

Viterbo well preserved palaces were once the center of Christendom, where Popes resided in the later thirteenth century. It was site of 5 Papal elections and Pope residence. One of the most important monuments in the city is the elegant Papal Palace next to the city's Duomo (Cathedral). You will have free time to explore this fascinating town on your own. A private shuttle will be provided.

May 17, 2024: A day to unforgettable Civita di Bagnoregio & Montefiascone

Civita di Bagnoregio is ancient, unforgettable, forsaken and stranded atop the peak of an eroding hill. Accessible only by footbridge, the town clings to its last 10 permanent residents, its perimeter gradually falling into the valley. On to Montefiascone, a beautiful medieval town of Etruscan origin. Stroll winding streets, and enjoy a lunch break there, reserving time to try Est! Est! Est! “It is!” the city’s famous wine with its accompanying legend.

May 18, 2024: Depart for home from Rome (FCO)

Registration and Cost

The cost for this trip is $2600 Euros (approx. $2800 US) per person. This is for a double room. If you do not have someone to share a room with, you will be assigned a roommate according to your gender. If you prefer a private room, please add an additional $620 Euros (approx. $682 US) to your trip cost.

Included: The fee includes accommodations in a Boutique hotel, private shuttles, professional tour guides, skip the line tickets to all attractions, spiritual direction and leadership from Dr. Gary Layne, a welcome dinner on day one, daily breakfast, and lunch on day three. Additional meals are not included.

Airfare: The fees do not include airfare. Participants will be on their own to secure airfare to Rome (FCO). Private shuttles will be included for all guests upon arrival for hotel transport.

Deposit: A 60% non-refundable deposit is required by June 30th, 2023.

To register, please fill out the form below by June 15th, 2023. A payment link will be provided by the tour company, Selected Tours Italy, for the deposit and final balance.

Please send questions to


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