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Stir Up Generosity With Hope

All too often, organizations desperately grasp at donors with tales of woe or stories of struggle. Chances are you are in fact meeting urgent needs in the community you feel called. You should honor the reality and the depth of those needs, but only telling that side of the story won't develop long lasting relationships. "Only sharing stories and pictures of those hungry and hurting may pull some heartstrings at an event or make someone feel like they should give when you call. However, as your primary messaging this can have the adverse effect of hardening of those heartstrings. You leave the hope out of their generosity which leads to donor burn out. You only invite donors to become reactionary supporters rather than partners in your vision."

- Growing Givers' Hearts You are a capable organization doing the work God ordained for you. When your messaging is focused on the hope on the other side and how the expertise and compassion of your organization will get you there, people will naturally follow and support. Let your supporters and potential supporters experience hope with you. Show them what your community would be without your organization. Let them see how their support is making a difference.

  • What is your vision?

  • Why this cause?

  • Why your organization?

  • Along with your supporters, how can you build that bridge to that vision?

Let's leave fear out of the pot. Stir up generosity with hope.

Taylor Johnson

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Client Spotlight: Milele Home

Flagship recently worked with Milele Home to develop a campaign for International Day for Street Children. Every piece of communication for this week-long fundraising initiative emphasized hopeful stories of transformation. We are thrilled to announce the campaign was FULLY-FUNDED!


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