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Summer Fundraising

Summer doesn’t officially start until June 20. But with Memorial Day weekend in the rearview mirror, Summer is "unofficially" here. It’s time for vacations, cookouts, pool time and fun! But what about your ministry?

Here are 5 things you can do this Summer to make a SPLASH in your fundraising efforts!! #1 – Connect Relationally with Supporters You can leverage the relaxed feel of Summer by scheduling opportunities to hang out with board members, key donors, or volunteers. Invite people over to your house for a cookout. You don’t need agendas or action items – just enjoy some relational time. #2 – Send out a “Mid-Year Impact Report” Since June marks the halfway point of the year, send out a report to all your ministry partners. Let them know what they have been a part of so far this year. Think of this like a simpler version of your annual report. View sample from Flagship client here. #3 – Review Your Fall Calendar The Summer is a great time to look ahead to the second half of the year and pay special attention to the Fall. Make sure important dates are on your calendar and on your radar. Things like…

  • Board Meetings

  • Volunteer Drives

  • Year End Giving Campaign (Flagship resources and offerings coming soon!!!)

#4 – Summer Matching Challenge Ask a ministry champion if they would be willing to match the funds you raise over the Summer. Flagship client, Justice Ventures International, has offered a Summer matching campaign for 3 years. The match started at $45,000 in year one and has grown significantly each year. Supporters have stepped up to offer a $250,000 match this Summer! #5 – Polish Your Letter of Intent Summer is a great time to polish (or create) your letter of intent in preparation for Fall grant prospecting. Here’s a free resource from Flagship to get you started.

Happy Summer Fundraising!


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