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The Windy World of Fundraising

Your friends at Flagship are dedicated to equipping you to navigate the windy world of fundraising and empowering you to elevate generosity in the Kingdom of God. We are passionate about immersing ourselves in the corner of the world and unique problems to which you are called.

We think outside the box. We create processes, materials, and communities that engage generous hearts.

What each ministry needs may look a little different, but below are some of the things that a partnership with Flagship could provide.

“I have loved my time being coached by Flagship! Emily and Taylor are not only co-laborers in Kingdom work, but I now consider them great friends! They both listened to my desires and goals, and they joined right in where I needed their expertise the most. They are both down to earth, super relatable, and available. They exceeded my expectations for what a consulting relationship could be! I highly recommend you give them an opportunity to take your fundraising efforts to the next level.”

Sara Beth Fentress, Founder and Executive Director 127 Worldwide

127 Worldwide Case Study  During the four months when Flagship teamed up with 127 Worldwide, we raised $40,000 in new commitments of monthly and one-time gifts. Further, we submitted 3 grant proposals in consideration of $70,000. Important to note, this time when we nurtured donors and invited them to support 127 Worldwide was smack dab in the middle of the COVID crisis.

We developed key messaging and infrastructure for a new, interactive giving community called The Table. This was a special invitation for supporters to pull up a chair with believers with similar passions who were committed to working with local leaders to find holistic solutions to the problems facing vulnerable communities.

Designed to build stronger relationships and generate recurring revenue, we engaged 16 new monthly donors and 14 current supporters increased their commitments. With a total of $18,480, they are now expecting $905 and growing in new monthly income.

127 Worldwide’s Case for Support was turned into a slide show presentation to engage donors and potential supporters virtually during a unique season. As they kicked off their Restoring Hope Campaign with changed circumstances, they received $22,600 in new commitments.

We hope to join your team and immerse ourselves in your cause. We believe God has given you a very special calling. At Flagship, ours is to help you navigate and elevate generosity.

Reach out and we will help you find the best fit for your ministry.


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