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What do you do with rest?

After every heartbeat comes a moment of rest.

In that split second, the heart is silent. 

In our heart's rhythm of beating and rest is a lesson; there is a time to be active and a time to rest. 

"There is the lonely place to which Jesus invited his disciples when he said, “Come away to a deserted place . . . and rest a while.” With this invitation he was calling them out of their busyness to a place of rest beyond the demands of their life in ministry." - Fr. Ron Rolheiser

What do you do with rest? 

Does it make you anxious?

Do you go into "Martha Mode" and make yourself busy to avoid it?

Are you so tired that all you want is sleep when your world becomes silent? 

Honestly, I've experienced all of these scenarios (on multiple occasions). 

What a honor it is, as Jesus’ disciples, to be invited by him to a deserted place to rest for awhile. When we are exhausted, we can't enter into this true rest. I believe true rest is when we can "sit with silence" in His presence (awake). This is much easier said that done. It takes practice. It takes discipline. It's counter-cultural. 

Is the Spirit of God drawing you deeper into true rest? 

Will you trust Him with this invitation? 

I pray you enjoy a few moments of stillness this holiday weekend. He is waiting. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.




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